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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whole world in sorrow of Steve Jobs dead.     

Guru of computer technology, co-founder and CEO of 'Apple, Steve Jobs, died yesterday at age 56 After several years of battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

The Apple website was published last salute in memory of Steve: "Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world lost a wonderful man. Those of us who were fortunate to know and work with Steve lost a great friend and inspiring mentor. Steve left the company that only he could build his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple ".

You will be remembered as one of the largest IT genius of our time, and left behind his wife Lorraine, son, three daughters and many inventions without which many people can not imagine modern life.

In 2004, Jobs announced that the 'suffering from pancreatic cancer. In January he took sick leave ', and withdrew in August as executive director of the largest technology corporation in the world and hand over the functions of Tim Cook.

Jobs, who gave the world the iPod and iPhone, was considered the heart and soul of "Apple", which sopernichi the "Exxon Mobile" as the highest kotirachka company in the U.S..

In a statement of condolences to President Barack Obama has described Jobs as a great American innovator.

- Steve was among the greatest American inventors - bold enough to think differently, brash enough to believe you can change the world and talented enough to do it, said Obama.

Co-founder and president of "Microsoft" Bill Gates told his longtime friend and rival: "The world can seldom meet a man with such a deep impact, as it had Steve, whose effect will be felt by generations. For us who had the honor to work with him, it's a huge honor. "

"Steve, thank you that was my mentor and friend. Thank you showed us that what you do can change the world. I'll miss you, "wrote Mark Zuckerberg on his profile on Facebook.

"Steve died peacefully surrounded by family. In his public life, Steve was known as a visionary, and his private life was man who respected the family. We are grateful to all who gave their support in the last years of Steve's illness. It will create an internet site that everyone can express their condolences and pay.

We are grateful for the support and kindness to all who share our feelings about Steve. We know that many will mourn with us, but would like to respect our privacy during these moments of our sorrow. "

Jobs founded the company in 1976 along with Steve Voznjak and Ronald Wayne. He played a key role in the revolution of personal computers. He was removed from the "Apple" in 1985, leading to the collapse of the company. Things start moving up again after he was hardly persuaded to return to the tech giant in 1996.

Jobs in 2001 introduced the iPod music player (iPod), thus setting the basis for leaving the iPhone (iPhone) in 2007 and 2010 Ajpad (iPad).

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