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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google newest features.

Google+ is growing so fast.

Google + became available last week for anyone who wants to open his own account, without having to be invited by an already registered user. According to unofficial figures, the number of users since Google + open doors for even grew 30 percent, and it is predicted that the current number of users is around 43.4 million.
These figures are unofficial results of research by Paul Allen, founder of ancestry.com, who came to these numbers counting users by name. His model of counting used a list of common surnames and nechesti, giving space for those who have not yet registered, and those with surnames neromanski. According to his model of counting Google + September 9 had 28.7 million users until 22 September that figure rose to 37.8 million users, and when you add private accounts and those with surnames neromanski, Google + currently has 43.4 million users.
Surely Google will soon come up with accurate official figures on how many users actually have Google +. Although the above figures may not be entirely accurate, however, constitute an excellent basis for the fact that Google + really planning to destroy Facebook, and whether it will succeed is yet to see.