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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Samsung mobile operating system - Bada

Samsung next year their mobile operating system Bada will make open source. Samsung have already stated that they plan to buy mobile operating came after speculation that it is possible to buy the operating system on HP, WebOS.

The reason for the move to Samsung free code is Bada, Google's move to buy the Motorola Mobile, and giving priority to the use of Motorola Android. The move by Samsung will contribute to reduce the number of custom devices that use Android, and therefore the company should not be so dependent on this operating system. Of course making the Bada free to use will contribute to other manufacturers incorporate into their devices.

Android's success is because it is free to use, adapting to the needs of different manufacturers, and developers have free hands to create a number of useful applications. Samsung is hoping that if they follow the footsteps of Google will be able to attract developers who would be developing applications for the mobile operating system, and thus attract a larger number of users. Currently there are only 3,000 applications for Bada, while Android and iOS there are more than 1,000,000 applications.

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